jueves, 30 de septiembre de 2010

Nada Importante ha pasado (II)

People come, people go. They say that's how life works, is the justification for the inevitable. But it is true, they always left you something. Always. My first encounter with death was when I lost a friend in high school, Sergio Fletes, the event showed me in a difficult time that life must be enjoyed. The sentence of that time was: "Someone has to die in order to someone realize how wonderful  his life is." 

And yes. Then came another deaths .Family. This is complicated. Some days ago I wrote about it, I write again today. I need to vent. I need to know, why people epileptic are driving? (i am  rude?, dunno, but my sadness it´s much) I need to know, why still young, bright, good friend, future, kind, people die? Why bad people stay alive?

When I went to Vancouver, I was badly. Unsure about myself.  I was supposed to go with people from my school. And the only person who went  it was somebody who i didn´t  know, later he  became my friend. The first day was very difficult. But others days came. I met great people. I realized how little we know about people, cultures, the absurd idea of being different, ignorance about having no tolerance with others. In that place, ironically,  language does not exist. Just had a desire to learn, have fun.  I Met Mexicans, Arabic, French, Italians, Thai, Chinese’s, Japanese’s, Korean, Brazilians, Chileans, Germans, the ones who I got along well. Among them was Daniel Keller. A mature guy  around  25 years. I remember the talks we had, or part, by the paucity of our limited language, we knew that we could use different words, we get along very well.
- Do you remember Daniel?  The fireworks? The chat in the classroom? The lunch at noon? The restaurant´s?  How many times  you accompanied me, till the point you got off the truck and even missing 4 blocks to get to your house, and walked me to take a bus at night? Remember Nico and Daniel, when we returned from the fireworks and some guys almost attack a person in front of us. I wanted to keep moving that night, but  you Daniel stopped me, it was dangerous. We Don’t know what to do, we were strangers in a foreign country , but affluent cozy. We feel fear that day, no idea what would happen next, as far as tomorrow

We were in contact. We were friends, are friends. And I, as always in my strange loyalty and keep in touch with friends, I am bothered you and send you messages. But For days Daniel had not responded to anything, not even the video of The Arcade Fire where you could see the city of Vancouver, the city you loved, where a few months ago you said you wanted to comeback.

Today I find out that you were going in bike when  you found death. Still do not believe it, I cannot believe it. I do not want to. It's hard when someone is young. When it comes suddenly.  Why you didn´t  take the bus? Where were you going? Why the person does not take medication or be banned from driving?
We share a month, but remains in my mind as if it was a month ago, and it´s already one year and two months. I was wondering  if you suffered hurts, it hurts me to think about your girlfriend. In so many talks we don’t have.
I saw last year pictures; from all that something is left to us? Is there a memory? Yes, it´s there, but it feels fuzzy, like no longer exist.
The days will Pass, I see Vancouver pictures on tv, I hear the language, and i remember. I remember that time where no matter the language itself, because i grew up stronger than ever, confident. It remains in my head that evening of fireworks, last night around many friends. The last day where you said “I have to go, we keep in touch, was a pleasure, take care”, and my throat went into a knot sensing, perhaps, in the long run of what was coming.

Rest in peace Daniel, i will see you again later. Ok? 

“They are only sleeping. They are in memories. Waiting for the next  meet”. Meanwhile: "To remember, and to let go."

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